Lead Photographer & Owner

As a photographer, I am honored to capture special milestones in people’s lives. I have a job that is so unique! I freeze moments in time so that years later people can look back and relive these moments. This is what I love most about photography. I know there are many photographers out there, but I truly have a passion for making people realize that their moments are worth capturing — no matter who they are.

In the world of photography, social media, and the entertainment industry many people are not showcased as they should be. We are taught from a young age through these mediums who is considered pretty, special, and important. Typically, it is a very narrow definition of who is acceptable and who is not. I refuse to accept this; I focus on being inclusive and spreading positivity! I believe, to the depths of my being, that every person is pretty, special, important, and worthy. I want to make ALL people feel that they deserve to be seen and heard.

Getting married takes people on a new adventure. I want my clients to be excited and have fun making, capturing, and then reliving these important life-changing moments! I take photographs so that people can look forward to looking back at these milestones and remember what an epic time it was in their life.

I looooove having fun and being playful whether I am working or not. When I’m not working, I can be caught at music festivals, probably front and center watching Childish Gambino, Foster the People, or Calvin Harris. I also enjoy thrift shopping in my free time, and I listen to waaaaay too many true crime podcasts! Now that you know a little bit about me, I hope to hear from you. I look forward to learning about what makes you YOU and h